The Many Perks of Teaching English Online

Teaching is considered one of the most fulfilling jobs. Teaching online is no exception to that. Although I am a licensed nurse in the UK, my career has revolved around online teaching for almost 7 years. You may also find that this career fits with your career as well if you’re a teacher already, or if you’re someone like me that does it to add to your income.


Whether you like traveling or staying at home, online teaching is great for a lot of people In my case, I avoid going out as much as possible. In Thailand, it is a well-known fact that traffic is really bad. Therefore, not having to worry about being late for work is one of the many perks of being an online teacher. It’s also great for my students!

Be your own boss with english gang

Being Your Own Boss

Because I work at home, I do not have any direct supervisor to tell me what to do. I can also set my own schedule. For instance, if I need to go out on a particular day, I can work for only a couple of hours. This is not a problem since I work at my own pace. Some days I like to crank out 9 hours of teaching which gives the same day rate that teachers at the best international schools in Bangkok get. Granted, it’s a lot more hours, but I also don’t have the certifications or experience that those teachers have.

With online teaching, I can take as many days off as I want. I can choose when I want to rest and how many days I want to rest. Nevertheless, if I need more money, I can work for more hours.

No Dress Code

In companies, employees have to follow a dress code, or else they will face a sanction. For home-based jobs such as teaching online, this is not a problem.

Teaching from home with no pants

Although looking presentable is still important, it is not as strict as the policies in an office. You can wear short pants and slippers underneath while you are having your lessons. As a result, it is more comfortable to teach because there is no need to wear suits, skirts, or heels. Having hot and humid weather, I feel much relaxed when I have cool clothes on. In addition, I can save much money on clothing expenses.

Students Strive Harder

I noticed that students who take private lessons or person-to-person classes seem to be more motivated. Thus, as a teacher, I feel fulfilled since I can see that they put much determination and hardwork in their studies. It seems that I spent my time well after every lesson since I know that my students paid attention and listened to my lecture. They can focus more since they do not study with other students. In addition, they are less shy in to ask questions when something isn’t clear.

Less Stress

For teachers at regular schools, they experience more stress due to lazy or rude students and the load of paperwork that has to be accomplished. In my experience in teaching Thai children online, I have not encountered very problematic students, and I definitely have not done any checking of test papers. The only preparation I need is studying the lesson plan intended for a particular student.  Believe me, this is just a walk in the park especially if you get used to the job.

Final Thoughts

One adage states, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work another day in your life.” Based from my experience, this is definitely true when I chose to be an online English teacher. It is not always easy, but the difficulties are worth it for me!


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