Teaching ESL to Young Thais

My Experience Teaching Amarin and Jasmine

This post is special for me since I will be sharing my personal experience teaching two of my students at English Gang, Amarin and Jasmine. If you want a glimpse of how classes are conducted at English Gang, you are at the right place.


Hey there! I am Kristen, a teacher at English Gang from Connecticut in the US. If you have been reading blog posts here or following English Gang on Facebook, you are probably familiar with me. I enjoy sharing tips and personal stories about my experience at this Thailand-based online English school. This post I will be sharing is a bit different since it is my first time to share about 2 of my students from my beta classes, Amarin and Jasmine. Amarin is 5 years old, and Jasmine is 8 years old. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?



When Amarin first attended my classes, he looked quite uneasy. This comes as no surprise since I was a foreigner and a stranger. He did not seem to understand why there was someone greeting him in the computer screen. Then, his mother explained to him what was going to happen, and he softly said, “Hello” and waved his hand. I introduced myself to him and asked for his name with my warmest smile. He smiled back a little, and I asked him how he was feeling as an icebreaker question. After this, he seemed more comfortable.

Amarin got more and more at ease in class when the lesson started. He enjoyed every slide shown because of Betty and friends, the official characters of English Gang. I noticed that his motivation increased when the praise slides were shown. At the end of our class, I saw he was smiling from ear to ear.



Jasmine was all hyped up on our first beta class. I did not need to ask her name because she gave her name voluntarily. I was surprised with her energy and eagerness. She looked so happy when I introduced myself.


Our lesson was about community helpers. I noticed that her eyes were focused directly on the slides. She actively answered all the activities although she found some a bit challenging. Time seemed to pass by so quickly in our class.


When I told her that our class was over, I could sense her sadness. I just comforted her by saying that we could still see each other next time.


Finally, I realized from Amarin and Jasmine that teaching cannot be done for the purpose of earning money. Online ESL teachers also need much dedication. Even though you are not physically present with your students, they can feel your sincerity and warmth from the computer screen. If you do not have passion, you will give yourself and your students a hard time. Remember that they do not speak English as their mother tongue, so they feel more nervous. Feel free to contact me here if you have any questions about anything and everything related to ESL teaching.

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