Teaching English and Burnout

For some reason, teaching English and burnout within the online teaching industry is something that rarely gets discussed even though almost everyone gets it! Kristen wrote a lovely article about how to avoid burnout when teaching English online with many helpful tips!

How to Avoid Feeling Burnout after Teaching English Online for a Long Time
By Teacher Kristen

Avoiding Teacher Burnout

When you first start teaching English online, you feel enthusiastic and highly motivated…maybe even a bit nervous! However, as months pass by, the number of your classes increase. This can result in feeling tired, not motivated and burnt out. You do not need to worry though, since there are ways you can avoid it.

Why Are Online English Teachers Susceptible to Burnout?

Being a teacher is a very important profession along with nurses, public servants, and law officers. People who work in these professions set high expectations for themselves and want other people to give approval to them. If any of these is not met, burnout is likely to take place.

Other factors that cause burnout for online English teachers are varying salaries depending on your bookings, less benefits, no stability, and many hours of working. In addition, as a teacher, if you see that your student does not improve their skills as fast as you want, it gives you frustration which results in physical and mental exhaustion.

5 ways to Avoid Burnout after Teaching for a Long Time

Feeling tired from work is inevitable. However, feeling too much exhaustion is not. You should keep track of how you are feeling in that sense. Here are some things you can try to stay fresh:

  • Decrease your amount of work.

Wanting to earn more, people have the tendency to overwork themselves. With continuous inflation, this is not surprising. However, if you do this, you do not only put your health at risk but also your quality of work. When students see that you are fatigued, they will likely not book you again for another lesson. Who wants to study with a tired teacher, right?

  • Think of creative ways to teach.

When you use the same approach in teaching for every single class, you will get sick and tired of it. As a result, you will have burnout.

What you can do is to revamp your teaching style from time to time to avoid teaching English and burnout. It can be changing the props you use or updating your reward system. You do not need to personalize each class, but you can make it appropriate for a specific age group. This is especially helpful when you handle young students that tend to lose focus quicker than their older counterparts!

  • Never stop learning.

Although you may have taught English for a long time, it is not enough to say that you should stop improving your skills. You might be thinking, “How can I avoid burnout with this?” By observing other teachers and reading good ESL materials, you will feel less pressure and stress due to your effort in developing yourself.

  • Live more healthy.

A healthy lifestyle can generally do a lot for your life. You can try drinking less coffee, eating more fruits and vegetables, and going to the gym. Meditating or doing yoga can help you relax and refresh your mind.

  • Socialize with others.

Socialization is vital for people of all ages. Thus, whether you work at an office or at home, you still need to socialize. If you do not try to unwind with others, you will feel fatigued at work easily. You should take it easy from time to time.

Final Thoughts

For the methods given, you do not need to do all of them if they are too difficult. At times, 1 method can already work. It is all about experimenting them and finding what works best for you! Let me know how you avoid teaching English and burnout when you can!

Teaching English and Burnout

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