Teacher Christina on the Best Energy Boosting Foods for Teachers

Hey! I am Teacher Christina. I work in a bilingual school in Thailand and for English Gang. As a teacher and running enthusiast, I need energy boosting foods to do the things I love.

Teacher Christina

I have busier days now since I am preparing for a half marathon in Thailand in February. I teach in the morning until 7 pm. At night, I jog for about 1 hour. You might be wondering how I keep up with this schedule. Well, part of it is because of the foods I eat. I know everyone always says this, but you are what you eat! When I teach online in Thailand, I really focus on sourcing quality foods from local suppliers. I’ve provided you a list of things I eat often below:


I enjoy munching on unsalted nuts in between my online classes. These are rich with energy-boosting nutrients and all natural. They provide tons of energy to keep up with the little ones, and my body can digest them easily.


I try to include a cup of yogurt made from natural goat’s milk to my breakfast as often as possible. I also use it when I make salad or chicken curry. Aside from making your bones stronger for physical activities, it contains a lot of good bacteria called probiotics. These probiotics hit two birds with one stone since it improves your digestion and immune system. As a result, you will not feel fatigued even after teaching for long hours. I go through a lot of measures to not get sick as missed classes hurt not only the students, but my income!


Having high protein, vitamin B6, Niacin, and riboflavin content, salmon can be converted easily to energy. I often eat this for lunch at work because it gives me energy for the second run of online English Gang classes.

Because it is rich in omega 3, it helps lower the risk of cholesterol, so you are more protected from heart disease. I’m still relatively young, but it’s good to get into healthy habits as soon as possible!


When you do not have enough oxygen supply in your body’s organs, this is the time you will feel tired. Consuming a cup of mushroom can help solve this. Mushrooms give you a lot of the iron that you need without a ton of calories. Iron enhances the cells responsible for transporting oxygen to different organs of the body. That oxygen goes a long way, especially when you’re talking as much as the student during your class.


I eat an egg as my post exercise snack to help my muscles recover and to avoid feeling burnt out the following morning. It is a great source of protein, so I combine this with either nuts or spinach.

You are probably guilty of consuming too much sugar, which will get you hyped up and feeling sluggish afterwards. Eating an egg can help control your sugar crash. I’d ask you to stay away from sugars while teaching ESL, but that is much easier said than done!


Spinach is rich in potassium, iron, and magnesium. Magnesium produces energy, while potassium aides in digestion and control of nerve and muscle function. Teachers need to smile and be active on class, so our muscles should function well (just don’t get any spinach stuck in your teeth!).

I suggest adding it to your favorite salad or eating it wilted with eggs for an energy-filled breakfast.


It is a well-known fact that water offers a lot of benefits. In my case, I drink more than 5 liters of water to prevent dehydration and dry throat especially when I conduct many classes.

Water can prevent fatigue since it helps bring necessary oxygen and nutrients to cells. I advise drinking a glass of water before eating meals, but make sure to take bathroom breaks in between classes!


We are definitely what we eat! Eating healthy not only gives you energy, but also glowing skin. Students will definitely enjoy studying more if you are active and look fresh.

I know this isn’t the typical teacher blog post, but then again, I’m not really a typical teacher! If you like these sorts of blogs, feel free to let me know 🙂

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