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I’m Rob. I’m originally from the USA, but I’ve been living in Thailand since 2004. I absolutely love Thailand, and the country has given me a lot. I’ve two beautiful children, a wonderful Thai wife, a strong group of friends, and a loyal Labrador. I’ve been working in education and marketing for almost all of my professional career.

My best friend


English Gang was started from a combination of love and frustration that I have for Thailand. As I mentioned before, I love all that Thailand has to offer. The people are great, the food is delectable, the beaches are amazing, and life here is “sabai sabai,” which loosely translates to “quite comfortable.” As much as I love Thailand, many things about this country frustrate me. The traffic and the heat are two things that get on my nerves daily! One thing that has always bugged me is the lack of English spoken here. When I first arrived I made a strong effort to learn Thai, and Thai people are very supportive of you learning their language. Even when you can speak just 20 words, they tell you that you speak Thai very well. This was great as it helped to keep me positive, motivating me to learn more.

English is always a hot topic here. They are always talking about how to reform education and how English learning should be a big part of that. Children and adults are always trying to get high scores on English tests, and it seems as if English schools are on every street. When it comes to speaking, however, they lack confidence. Most people can understand more than they can speak, and usually the accents are not very good. In my decade+ of living here, I haven’t seen much improvement in that arena.

The beaches of Thailand


One day, I heard myself complaining about that for the 555,555th time and that’s when it hit me. I’m being that guy…That guy who complains about something but never does anything to solve the problem. I thought that with all of the knowledge and friendships that I’ve acquired over the years in Thailand, I should be able to do something about this. I started to think about how to reach the most amount of people, and the Internet was the obvious choice. I began researching about the ages when people can learn languages most easily in a classroom setting, and 4-12 is what research and experts in the field told me. I began talking with friends in the field of education, looking at ways to make improving English in Thailand a reality. I spoke with web developers from around the world to learn more about how something like this could work. I then got in front of as many Thai families as I could to see what it was that they really wanted, and how they thought different programs could reach their children.

An international team began to form. We all saw how this was a great opportunity to bring Thailand ahead, and experts from different areas all began chipping in – offering their knowledge in key aspects of this project. The most passion came from the curriculum developers, the teachers and recruiters. There was a drive there that was visible everyday, and I really can’t express how grateful I am for the dedication I’ve seen from all team members.

We’ve been at this for less than one year, and we are opening in just 2 months. That really shows the dedication and genuine understanding of our vision of an improved Thailand for years to come. As we look forward to our launch in February, I’d like to reach out to our teachers and prospective families to learn more about your views on online education, ESL education, working from home, so on and so forth.

We have the chance to effect real, positive change within Thailand and the region, and the larger the team, the better our chances for success are. If you haven’t sent us your resume, and would like to join us, please email us at:¬†

English Gang says Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year, 2018!





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