Happy New Year From All of us!

2017 proved to be quite the year from many angles. Many things in the world are shifting one way or the other, political turbulence happened in many, many countries, but we seemed to have ended the year with our sanity (some more than others)!

The world is advancing in many different ways, looking at how quickly technology is moving is astounding. The world of distance learning is really moving forward, and access to the Internet has been spreading across the world quickly. There are so many opportunities to improve the world because of the Internet, and we are really looking forward to seeing how English Gang will play a part in that.

We are starting our movement in Thailand, which is a country filled with energy, spirit, opportunity, and an eagerness to move forward. We are so grateful for the support that we have received from our teachers, families and administrative team. We look forward to 2018 with high spirits, and we wish everyone a happy and safe New Years.


Happy New Year from English Gang!

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