The Qualities of a Good Online English Teacher

Although the qualifications are not extremely strict, teaching English online is not for everyone. It will be helpful to know some of the characteristics a good English teacher must possess.

Being a native English speaker is one of the most important considerations when families choose an online English teacher for their children. However, this is not enough for one to be considered as an effective teacher. Whether you are a student looking for an English instructor or an aspiring English teacher, I’m hoping to shed some light on how to be a great online English teacher.

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Being imaginative is advantageous in any type of job. For online English teaching, it can really do a lot. Your students will not only be more active and participative, but it will also add variety to your class, making it more interesting for you as well. According to Albert Einstein, educating people should not be limited to giving information, it should involve developing one’s imagination to progress further.

Think of ways to brighten your lessons up to be a good online English teacher. Use real life situations that children can relate to, or bring in props that you can use on screen to keep them interested. If you are imaginative, you can teach English in a fun and effective manner. In addition, since you can express yourself well, you can help your students develop their self expression and creativeness. As a result,  they can absorb what you teach better.


Being a language teacher, you need to know how to effectively interact with your students. Through this, you can empower and advance your student’s communication skills. One of the ways you can do this is through mock interviews in pretend situations. Depending on their age, I like to make them pretend as if they are an astronaut, a princess, or even a teacher! Because you only see each other through a web camera, it is also important have appropriate facial expressions.


Having an individualistic personality means you can independently do things without other people’s guidance. Yes, you should follow the English Gang curriculum, but don’t be afraid to add your own flare! Apart from learning English fluency, grammar, and vocabulary, students need to be equipped with this other life skills such as independence. To teach them to be individualistic means they can think alone, be observant, and ask questions. When you teach with English Gang, make sure that learning is a two way street. They can also be the teacher if that is where the class is heading! As a result, your students can contribute to Thailand and the world through their independence and English ability.

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If you are a dedicated ESL instructor, you can maximize your student’s’ potential and learning. Dedication means exerting enough effort and time every time you execute your lesson plan. However, this shouldn’t come at the cost you getting burnt out! If you ever feel as if you’re getting over your head, plan to block some time off so that you can focus on things other than teaching.

Dedication doesn’t just start and end with planning though. One of the most satisfying feelings you can have as a teacher is helping an underperforming student achieve their potential. If faced with a weak student a great teacher will work with them outside of the class for even just 5 minutes. That one-to-one time can make all the difference by giving the student the confidence to succeed.

That is why classes with English Gang are currently focused on the one to one scheme. That personal time with students can make a world of difference.

Happy Teaching!


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